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Godly Homes in an Ungodly World

This 8 lesson series takes an in depth look into subjects that are affecting the home like: dating, marriage, divorce, and the role of each person in the home. This series is designed specifically to encourage Godly Homes in an Ungodly World.

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HOM-5 - Preparation For Marriage

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.”

Welcome to our study of the Home, as God Would Have It. As we think today about the home, we're thinking about preparation for marriage. Too many times I think people have an attraction, maybe fall in love, and they decide to get married. A lot of plans are made: there's planning the wedding, there's deciding on the dress, there's deciding on the cake, there's a lot of factors that go in deciding where they'll go on the honeymoon. A lot of preparation is made for the wedding. But I wonder is the same amount of preparation really given to make the marriage a success?